PITTSBURG, Kan. — Over 100 came out tonight to share and learn about Indian culture.

The “Indian Students Association” of Pittsburg State University held their annual “Diwali Night” tonight.

It was an evening of traditional dancing, art, music, clothing and much more.

Traditionally, Diwali is known as the annual festival of lights.

It’s also when the Indian culture celebrates the new year.

Tonight was all about enjoying and having fun.

“We would, we would be very happy to, teach everyone about our culture and traditions, as well as share as much as we could,” said Srikar Reddy Nagirebdypally, President, Indian Students Association.

“We want everyone to come and enjoy, have fun, you know, get to know other Indian cultures, wear traditional dress because everyone, if you look around, they are colorful today,” said Raj Thakor, Member, Indian Students Association.

The night ended later with fireworks and even more dancing.