JOPLIN, Mo. — A special guest was in Joplin, yesterday, to visit those with a local non-profit organization.

The Higher Society of Joplin organization hosted a last supper event featuring guest Afroman. The organization walks around the city of Joplin every Sunday morning picking up trash.

Yesterday’s event is their first fundraiser. All of the money raised will be invested back into the organization.

The evening’s meal consisted of pizza and desserts.

Two local musicians, Ashlyn Graye and Clay Hughes, performed as well.

Afroman says he loves getting to interact with his fans in an intimate setting.

“The opportunity to create a different type of experience around a musician that I believe is a good individual and how he interacts with his fans and his community. That’s what I want to bring here and have dinner with,” said Jon Thomas Buck, Founder of Higher Society of Joplin.

“You know it feels good to, you know meet everybody, you know get here and be hands-on with the cleanup effort. And because you know when you talk to your fans, they educate you, you know? Like I can teach my fans something but my fans can teach me something,” said Afroman.

Event organizers say they also launched their community membership program today, which will give people a way to fund their initiatives.

The organization’s overall goal is to make Joplin the cleanest city in America.