LANAGAN, Mo. — Part of a Southwest Missouri city has been without water for seven weeks.

About 40 families have not had running water or sewage service since May 5th in the City of Lanagan after a flood took out the main water line.

A public hearing meeting was held Thursday to discuss a community development block grant program and community development needs. About 30 Lanagan residents were present for the meeting.

“Essentially what happens is as soon as there is an emergency situation, we automatically contact CDBG and we start the process with an application. The application consists of many different elements. We have to have something on that area because it is a natural water line, so we have to make sure that we are not disturbing it in any way, and some of the construction is going to have some of those issues. So, we’re going to run into that. We also have to talk with DNR and get clarification from them that we can work in that area. The other thing we have to do is we have to talk to our State Senators and to our State Representatives and make sure that they are involved. We have to get letters of support from them. That’s when they are notified of the emergency situation,” said Carrie Campbell, Harry S. Truman Coordination Council, Executive Director.

A water tanker was placed on the south side for bathing and sewer purposes while bottled water has been used for drinking.

“People are fighting for us. Dirk Deaton, our legislators, and that we’ve got an application that they’re all trying to move in for us but we didn’t know you know, that’s just it. So the frustration has built up, people are upset, and if we’re going to get a temporary fix, that’s good too, but this is good for a permanent fix, but that could be six months down the road,” said Dale Mitchell, Lanagan Resident.

“It seems like the parts that needed to be moving are starting to move and starting to budge. I mean, eight weeks for help is never a good sign but it’s good to hear both sides of the story. It’s good to be able to understand there are things moving and it’s good to know that we have allies in Jefferson City,” said Nathaniel Stokes, Lanagan Resident.

There is currently no date of when water will be back on for these residents.