NEWTON COUNTY, Mo. — Kids with the Newton County 4H say “thank you” to first responders, by making sure their kitchen is well stocked.

The donations included basic kitchen items many of us may take for granted — like an instapot, plates and coffee cups. EMT’s told us many times, the items they have in their shop are hand-me-downs, or items bought by the staff.

The kids say they wanted to make sure the men and women of the Newton County Ambulance District know how much they appreciate their service to our community.

“We never really hear much about the EMS stations, even though they do so much, and so we just decided to do a little bit more research, and the more we looked into it, they really didn’t have a ton of stuff, and so we decided to help them so that they wouldn’t have to bring dishes from their houses and bring their own stuff to make food with,” said Sophia Anderson Newton County 4H.

“Guys would just bring their stuff from home, and, you know, it’s older stuff that they’re replacing at home, and they’d bring it to the station, and that’s what we would use. All the crew members share together. We’ve got our different shifts, and refrigerators and things like that we have accumulated since 1975 when the station opened, and that’s the stuff we have right now,” said Jacob Barnes, Newton County Ambulance District.

The Newton County 4H used a $2,000 grant to make the purchases.They also handmade some dish clothes, and even sent the EMT’s back with home made treats, and gift cards to buy more food for the station.