JOPLIN, Mo. — Officials with Woodsonia Joplin provided an update on the nearly $14 million 32nd Street Place Development to city council late Monday.

Along with the new Menards, a residential apartment community is planned in the 75-acre area along Hammons Boulevard.

The market rate apartments will include 12 plex and 86 plex villas, with units expected to be delivered beginning as soon as late-2023.

The 86 plex villas will include elevators, amenities, a dog park and trail, said Drew Snyder, president of Woodsonia Real Estate.

“We’re excited about it,” said Snyder. “We think it’ll be a great addition to the Joplin community.”

For those hoping to see the installation of a new movie theater, Snyder said he’s cautiously optimistic.

“Obviously, the theater industry’s gone through a very challenging period over the last 18 months,” said Snyder. “It’s our hope that as the industry stabilizes and comes back to a little bit of normalcy that Joplin just seems like a very attractive market for a new theater, but we have not had anyone commit to the project at this point.”

A timeline has not been set for the opening of the Menards, but the company will be responsible for the creation of a new roadway between Rangeline Road and Hammons, while Woodsonia will be spending the next 120-180 days clearing debris from the east side of Hammons.

“We always thought this was a key location within the city,” Snyder said. “It’s right off the interstate. It’s next to a very successful Sam’s Club, a lot of successful restaurants and hotels over there. It had just been neglected for a long time. It was a blighted area, so we’re excited to be able to reinvest.”

For now, tree removal is complete and Hammons Boulevard is set to reopen in the next 7-10 days.

The next phase will be improvements to 32nd and 36th Streets.