MONETT, Mo. — A local church was working to make a difference on Easter morning.

The First United Methodist Church in Monett held a pancake breakfast following its Easter sermon.

Donations from the breakfast will be going towards the church’s annual mission trip.

This year the inter-generational trip will be going to Oklahoma City.

There participants will renovate dilapidated houses, volunteer at local food pantries and clothing drives.
“When you’re walking through the same city every day, you start to become blind to the need around you, but stepping out of that and going to a new location like Pine Ridge, Oklahoma City, Colorado Springs, wherever, you start to see what’s really going on, and then when you come back, you come back with new eyes, with the ability to go and serve,” says Shaun Courtney, FUMC Associate Pastor.

The mission trip will run from July 3rd until the 8th.

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