PITTSBURG, Ks. — A Kansas City artist was spending Easter weekend putting the final touches on the newest addition to Pittsburg.

Since Saturday, Jenna Spencer has painted around 500 birds on the new mural on 4th Street.

The building owner John Mazurek contacted Spencer about painting a mural last fall after he purchased the building, but instead of giving her a prompt, he told her to paint what she wanted on the 200 foot long building.

“I just really wanted to capture that moment after the sunset in the country in the fields around here, love the moments when the birds take off in flocks. Usually people come to me with some sort of idea with what they want on their building, But this was the first time that I got to do it for myself. It’s really wonderful, it’s just like a giant canvas,” says Spencer.

Spencer is a Pittsburg native and a graduate from Pittsburg State University.

Since beginning work on the mural in January, Spencer says she’s been approached by three people to do more murals in Pittsburg.

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