JOPLIN, Mo. — If you’re hitting the road, this week, for the holiday, you’ll notice a welcome sight.

According to, the cost of a gallon of unleaded gas is the lowest it’s been this time of year since 2020.

Nationwide, the cost could fall to $3.25 by Thanksgiving Day.

And it’s under $3 in Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, and close to that in Kansas.

John Alexander says the cost figures into whether he travels on the holiday.

“If it goes any higher, I ain’t going to do no travel, yeah, yeah, I just I just won’t do it, it just I’d rather stay at home,” said John Alexander, Motorist.

“Just a little, yes just a few cents here and there, I just came from there, about twenty cents higher, up on, you know, on 32nd street and at different places so I thought this is a cheaper place here, it’s good, it’s going the right way, it’s going the right way, thank goodness, finally finally,” said Greg Emory, Motorist.

But don’t get too used to the current prices.

The Organization of Oil Petroleum Exporting Countries is scheduled to meet next week and could vote to cut oil production, which could cause prices to increase.