This article serves as a collection of all the stories that aired on KSNF & KODE from May 14th, through May 22nd, 2021.

May 14th

Checking in with an Extreme Home Make Over family 10 years later
The Nguyen family; one of the seven EM:HE families that lost their home.

Joplin tornado before and after pictures
Interactive photo gallery with before & after pictures of locations that were hit in the storm.

May 15th

May 16th

Joplin tornado launched a series of public art throughout the community
How a local group’s project united the community and introduced a symbol of hope.

May 17th

Homeowner looks back on how Habitat for Humanity helped after the Joplin tornado
Thanks to the efforts of an area organization many who lost their home now have a place of their own.

May 18th

The story of hope and the cross that stood after the Joplin tornado 2011
One of the churches impacted by the tornado left something behind that continues to serve as a rally point for the community.

May 19th

How the city became “Joplin Strong” after the May 2011 tornado
When the EF-5 tornado swept through Joplin in 2011, the focus at city hall changed in an instant.

Duquesne: The other city that survived the powerful EF-5 tornado
While Joplin bore the brunt of Mother Nature’s wrath on May 22nd, 2011, it wasn’t the only community devastated by the storm.

May 20th

Mercy Hospital: An inside look at ‘ground zero’ of the Joplin tornado
Of all the buildings that were destroyed by the tornado, the Mercy Hospital building was one of the most critical.

May 21st

May 22nd

Inside the world of: tornado survivors Pt. 1
Hear from two survivors and their unique story of what they went through.