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Real Proud of Real Eagles Program – Sponsored by Bank of Little Rock Mortgage
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From great rates to a variety of mortgage loans to unmatched customer service, you’ll find it all at Bank of Little Rock Mortgage. Stop by and say hello to the Real People at the office near you today. We’d love to help with your mortgage needs. But just as important, we like to get to know you.

Bob Goodall – Market Manager – NMLS #165754

My Real Job …
The goal of exceptional service is what drives Bank of Little Rock Mortgage and every member of our team. Doing whatever we have to do to ensure that our clients get the best loan for their situation at the best rate.

The thing that my customers value most from me is my experience. In addition to 10 years in mortgage banking, I’ve got a total of 35 years working in customer service. I take pride in using the knowledge I’ve accumulated over the years to help them in any way that I can.

My Real Life …
My wife and I really love spending time with our grandkids and cherish any time we get to be around them. Any time outdoors is also time well spent, with camping being one of my favorite ways to spend a weekend in Missouri. Another way I like to get out and enjoy the scenery is by dropping the top on the convertible and taking a nice drive on a sunny afternoon.

My Real Story …
I have a ton of satisfied clients, so it’s hard to focus on just one. In fact, we get reminders almost every day of the impact we’ve made in people’s lives, in the form of emails or drop in visits from customers celebrating the anniversary of their home purchase. This constant gratitude makes all of the work we put in worthwhile.

Put my 10+ years of experience to work for you!


Annette Goodall – Loan Officer – NMLS #945527

My Real Job …
I think everyone deserves the opportunity to own a home. To be able to provide that opportunity is really great. The people at are what make it so special. Their values and how they treat people set them apart from the rest. We always tell our clients the truth. (Even it’s not what they want to hear.)

My Real Life …
Whether it’s hiking, camping or just relaxing in nature, being outdoors is a big party of my life. But at home, I also have plenty of things to keep me busy, including one or two ongoing home décor projects. When I do find some downtime, you can find me reading a great book. My favorite books are Chicken Soup books … I could read them time and time again.

My Real Story …
My clients have shown their appreciation in a number of ways over the years, but I never get tired of getting hugs at closing. It just means I’ve built a relationship that is truly meaningful. But my favorite reaction didn’t come until three years after a closing. I opened my email to find pictures of the homeowner’s children with a note of thanks for helping them buy their first home. That was special.

Put my 10+ years of experience to work for you!



After years of collective experience working in mortgage banks throughout the region, the future founders of Bank of Little Rock Mortgage knew there had to be a better way. And in 1998, they created one with the launch of Bank of Little Rock Mortgage.

CEO Scott McElmurry and his core team members were passionate about creating a customer experience that was previously lacking in the mortgage industry. A human approach that could make a potentially nerve wracking situation into something that was actually enjoyable. An experience that was genuine and not forced. A transaction where Real People created Real Results.

Over the next 15 plus years, their vision proved to be exactly what customers were looking for, evidenced by their growth from a single location to over 14 branches in Arkansas, Missouri and Alabama. But beyond expansion, the true validation of their approach to banking is best represented by another number – 99.6%. That’s the customer satisfaction rate of those who use Bank of Little Rock Mortgage every day.


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