Experiencing the view from the Tokyo Tower

Japan 2020

TOKYO (Nexstar) — The Tokyo Tower has stood over Tokyo for more than 60 years as a symbol of hope and communication. After two weeks of quarantine, our Nexstar team in Tokyo finally got to visit it. 

The pandemic has kept us apart — separated. But through a window, more than a thousand feet above Tokyo, is a sense of connection through the view.  

“Especially when COVID-19 started, I felt really lonely, but from the [tower] observation deck somehow I felt like, ‘OK, I can still enjoy Tokyo even though I can’t go out there,'” said Ambar Ramirez, a Tokyo Tower spokesperson.

It’s a semblance of normalcy. 

“On the rooftops, a lot of people have little gardens, so I think that’s interesting to see what is happening on the rooftops of Tokyo,” Ramirez continued.

From the local high school kids playing tennis, and the young ones on the playground. To the women looking for some shade, and others trying to keep cool on a hot August day. 

The Tokyo Tower offers a glimpse into a life we all remember, a life we all miss and a life we all hope to one day return to together. 

“I have a sensation like everything is going to be OK. I know it’s a cliché, but we are all under the same sky,” Ramirez said.  

You may notice the Tokyo Tower resembles the Paris Eiffel Tower. That’s because the architect was inspired by the Eiffel Tower.

However, the Tokyo Tower stands about 25 feet taller than the Paris Eiffel Tower. It was built as a telecommunications tower to broadcast television and radio programming. 

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