Science With Sherwinski: 4/8/2020


Adam shows us how to make a bouncy egg.

All you need is one regular egg, vinegar, and a glass.

Place the egg into a glass and submerge the egg in a glass full of vinegar. After waiting 1-3 days the shell of the egg will erode a way thanks to the vinegar. Rinse out the egg before using. A membrane will form the vinegar and what’s left of the shell will be left. The yoke is still in the egg and has not been touched so be careful when handling it. Otherwise the odd creation can be translucent under light and bouncy.

This activity can teach kids about the effects and reactions vinegar can have on certain items and elements. It also allows kids to learn what a membrane is and how it works in nature like on animal cells. It is very pliable, but still protects the inside contents. It’s very similar to cell membranes in the human body.

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