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We are a wood fired pizza restaurant and bar. We focus on your experience and commit to bringing you the best ingredients and tastes we can provide. Which is why a wood fired pizza is ideal.

People who have experienced food cooked in a wood fired oven often report a significant taste difference. We know this can be subjective, but there is science behind the difference in taste. Wood fired ovens distribute heat more evenly. The wood imparts a unique, smoky flavor that is impossible to replicate with modern ovens.

The temperatures a wood fired oven can produce is much greater than conventional ovens. Food cooked in a wood fired oven often cook faster. Thus, reducing wait times for pizza or any of our other options.

One more reason we love our wood fired oven is the energy required to cook. No gas or electric is required.

Wood-Fire Pizza: Not Your Typical Pizza Place …
As our name says, we offer authentic wood fired pizza, with daily lunch and specific dinner buffets. That’s not all we do. We offer atmosphere. We offer choices. We offer quality.

A place to meet with friends. A place to watch sports. A place to bring your entire family. A place to enjoy the best in drink options.

We strive for being a place where you feel comfortable and relax. We don’t just offer food, we offer experiences. We focus on customer experience, which starts with great food. Great Pizza.

We listen to our customers, and when they speak we listen. When you wanted a low carb crust option, we listened and added the new Cauliflower Crust option.

The other part of the experience is to provide you with what you need. Whether that is dining inside with us, calling or ordering for take out, or dining outside on our patio.

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Fired Up Wood-Fired Pizza
1612 S Madison, Suite E
Webb City, MO 64870
(417) 717 0418

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Monday: 11a – 10p
Tuesday: 11a – 10p
Wednesday: 11a – 10p
Thursday: 11a – 10p
Friday: 11a – 11p
Saturday: 11a – 11p
Sunday: 12a – 6p

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Live Music ...

Wednesday Nights are live music at Fired Up Wood-fire Pizza.
Stay tuned to our Facebook Page to see dates, times and artist.


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