KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship seems to be a never-ending saga.

Most recently, the two appeared on a highly anticipated Saturday Night Live episode that aired Saturday evening. Kelce could be seen on the tail end of a “FOX NFL Sunday” skit and Swift was there to introduce the musical act, Ice Spice.

This was the first SNL episode to air in over five months. The Writers Guild of America strike began in May with a tentative agreement coming at the end of September.

Although Kelce and Swift’s parts in the show were brief, the pair’s appearances after the show’s months-long absence only made it more polarizing.

They were even seen later that night leaving the SNL afterparty where TMZ was able to snap photos of the two hand-in-hand.

Despite this news, their relationship is one that has been extensively covered.

It began when Kelce attempted to give his phone number to Swift in a creative way while she was in Kansas City for her worldwide tour. More rumors surfaced of them potentially “quietly hanging out” in New York City.”

Then on their podcast, Kelce and his brother, Jason Kelce, “joked” about a potential connection between the Kansas City Chiefs tight end and the singing superstar.

That was followed Kelce addressing the rumors and inviting Swift to a Kansas City Chiefs game. She accepted by showing up and sitting next to Kelce’s mother, Donna Kelce, when the Chicago Bears came to town.

It may not have been his intention, but by this point Kelce banked some extra income thanks to the extra attention his new relationship brought on. It seems “Swifties” all over wanted a Travis Kelce jersey to commemorate their favorite celebrity couple.

Swift doubled-down when she showed up the following week in New York to cheer on Kelce and watch the Chiefs take down the Jets. The league’s coverage took full advantage in both of those games Swift showed up to.

It paid off with the Chiefs-Jets matchup becoming the most watched Sunday show since the Super Bowl.

Since then, Kelce has spoken up about how the NFL has handled this situation saying they were “overdoing it.” However, that didn’t slow them down.

She showed up again inside Arrowhead for the latest Chiefs game versus the Denver Broncos on Thursday night, and Amazon Prime was ready. Kelce talked with Taylor Rooks in a pre-recorded feature interview during that broadcast where he embraced all the “chaos” going on in his life.

The latest rumor is that Swift and Kelce will attend the Philadelphia Eagles at New York Jets game together Sunday afternoon.

Swift is a known Eagles fan and Kelce’s brother is their starting center.