KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Every year, the Madden NFL video game franchise announces its ratings for every player in the game, and like clockwork, fans and players begin to debate and complain.

This year, the franchise launched a Rating Adjustors hotline for fans to call real adjustors and make their case for why their favorite players should be rated higher (or lower?).

According to Creator Partnerships Lead at EA Sports Emma Waldren, six hours after the hotline’s launch, it received 1,000 phone calls from fans.

Fans interested in an attempt to boost their favorite player’s rating can call 689-278-3030.

Player ratings change throughout the year based on in-game performance once the season starts.

For the Kansas City Chiefs, Patrick Mahomes (95) and Travis Kelce (98) are among the highest rated players at their position.

Players are rated on a scale from 0 to 99.