Washington D.C. man hires a mariachi band to celebrate fiancee’s birthday

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — In today’s dose of good news.

A man in Washington D.C. wanted to surprise his fiancée for her birthday with something special.

Charlie Wood came up with the idea to hire a mariachi band to come play for them in a local park.

It was a huge hit — not just with his fiancée , but also with neighbors who showed up to join in the fun.

Charlie Wood, Hired Mariachi band, said, “First the mariachi band pulled over and she looked at us, why are you talking to that band? And I said ‘I don’t know maybe they needed a direction or something.'”

“And then like a few minutes later they come walking out from the corner and she was like ‘they didn’t need directions, you got the mariachis’.”

“I mean everything has been developing so quickly with all the COVID everything and we’ve been trying to be really good about social distancing, keeping our masks on, not gathering, and it just felt like we could do socially distanced party.”

“Yeah you could see the people nodding to each other and just like so excited to be in this kind of little bit of something to break up like being in the house doing kind of the same thing.”

Maryam Nabavi, Birthday girl, said, “Seeing neighbors looking happy and everyone kinda joining together but everyone still respecting the rules.”

“It was good to see that, it like you know we have a good future ahead of us.”

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