PITTSBURG, Kans. — Some college kids have taken up gardening for a good cause. A group of students in the P.S.U. Kelce School of Business Enactus Club have been working in a garden behind the First Christian Church in Pittsburg this summer. They planted several vegetables this past spring, including broccoli, cabbage, tomatoes, lettuce, and carrots. They’ll be planting again soon for fall crops.

“Food insecurity in Pittsburg’s kind of one of the worst in Kansas and especially in Pittsburg is the area that we can directly affect, so making sure that people can get fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, those kinds of things,” said Bailey Gallup, Student Project Leader.

“But one thing I always try to tell students is that what you do in the community matters just as much as what you learn inside the campus, and so I always try to send that message to my students to get involved within the community, and it just builds camaraderie between the students and it also teaches them the important life skill of giving back to the community,” said Chelsey Decker, Student Advisor.

All of the fruits and vegetables will be donated to the “Lord’s Dinner” food bank in Pittsburg.