MIAMI, Okla. — In tonight’s Dose of Good News, National Fire Prevention Week is next week.

It’s been a thing since 1922.

This morning, it started a little early.

The historic Coleman Theatre was the site for the annual Fire Prevention Show put on by the Miami Fire Department.

The department hosts a number of these shows every year for school children.

Ones that involve a video and a skit.

It also involved bringing a teacher on stage and dressing her up in full firefighter gear.

Why? Firefighter Daniel Allen.

“We just want to show them that it’s not scary, you know, what we wear. We don’t want them to be afraid of us when we, you know, are coming in to rescue them or something like that so, we’re just trying to familiarize them with all the different things around fire safety,” said Daniel Allen, MFD.

Firefighters stressed to the audience the importance of having a fire safety program.

Something they say every household should have.