JOPLIN, Mo. — Missouri Southern students got to learn more about the many volunteer opportunities in and around Joplin, and they can thank a fellow student.

This “Service Fair” was the idea of Elizabeth Martin a Sophomore biology pre-med major from Aurora. Martin did it as an “Honors Program” service project.

A number of nonprofits were part of it, including “Jasper County Casa”, “Ronald McDonald House”, “Joplin Humane Society”, “Lafayette House”, and “Spiva Center for the Arts.”

“Volunteer work really does benefit the person that’s doing the work much less than the organization. I think that people don’t necessarily realize what benefits they’ll get from volunteer work before they actually do it. Like all these different organizations, if students get to volunteer with them, there’s plenty of benefits that they never foresaw that would happen,” said Elizabeth Martin, MSSU Student.

This was all part of what’s shaping up to be a busy week on campus.

A “Veterans Day” ceremony will take place on Friday morning on the oval at 10:50 a.m.

Saturday’s football game against Washburn is the “Military and First Responders Appreciation Game.”