JOPLIN, Mo. — It’s one of the most popular events at Missouri Southern State University.

But this semester’s version of “Stuff-a-Lion” had a different name; “Dress-a-Lion”. A way to move students through the line faster.

Hosted by the university’s “Campus Activities Board”, students only had to show their student ID before getting a lion.

It’s set up similarly to a “Build-a-Bear Workshop.” This year’s theme is tie-dyed lions.

“I think it’s awesome. I mean, it’s super cool how they do them and, I don’t know, they’re just super cool to have. I’m friends with some of the people who are from a different country, and they are all about Roary the Lion and everything,” said Josie Banes, MSSU Student.

“You know I’m sayin’, it gets cold at night, so I need me a little, need me a little cuddly teddy bear at night, you know I’m sayin’, but I think it’s really cool, I think it’s fun, you know I’m sayin’, I’m really glad they did this for us, you know, I really appreciate it,” said Calvin Clark, MSSU Student.

This is something the university gives students the chance to do every semester.