Daily Dose of Good News: Kansas City Youth Boxers take home two gold and silver medals at Lubbock Junior Olympics

Daily Dose of Good News

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In today’s dose of good news… Four Kansas City youth boxers just took the fight world by storm at the Junior Olympics in Lubbock, Texas!

They came home with two gold medals, and two silvers!

You are looking at the 2nd ranked 13 year old boxer in his weight class for the entire USA. Melvin Wesley Jr. is a menace in the ring—which is why his sunny disposition and technical approach to his craft catches you off guard.

Melvin Jr.: “It’s a mind game”
McGonigle: “What do you mean?”
Melvin Jr.: “It’s a mind game; it’s like a game of chess, it’s hit and not get hit”

You could say Melvin hit the big time last month, after walking away with a gold medal at the Junior Olympics in Lubbock, Texas.

His dad runs the gym where he rains—Pound for Pound Elite Boxing Academy in Lenexa.

“I’m more nervous for them when they fight then when I was fighting for myself but it’s beautiful Man,” said Melvin Sr., Pound for Pound Elite Boxing Academy owner.

Another gold medal winner here—12-year old Nasir Clinton.

He’s dealing with newfound fame at school.

“My first day of school I went to go get my schedule to go to my classroom and they were just like here comes the boxing champion and I didn’t even know that they knew it was just crazy,” said Nasir.

Nasir is also ranked second nationally in his weight class—his dad says that’s just for starters.

“We’re aiming for the number one spot and that’s what it’s all about nobody ever remembers number two I will he will but the rest of the world everybody got it for number one man so that’s where we headed,” said Fletcher Clinton, Nasir’s father.

The life of a boxer can be short but Melvin Wesley Junior already has the rest of his life planned out.

“My dream is to qualify for the Olympics win the gold medal then I want to turn pro and once I turn pro I want to be the best fighter there is an be undisputed and three weight classes and then I’m like 38 or retire something like that,” said Melvin Jr.

Nasir, meanwhile, says he’ll never retire!

Pat: “So you’re going to keep fighting until they tell you you have to stop?”
Nasir: “Yeah, I’m gonna fight ’til my bones give out.”

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