INDIANAPOLIS, In. — In tonight’s dose of good news…

Indianapolis, Indiana’s Martin University is giving students who found their studies interrupted by COVID-19 some relief. Federal funds are being used to help them get back to school. Russ McQuaid shows us how.

Martin University…Here in the heart of Martindale Brightwood…Caters to older, students, often with families and jobs, that haven’t given up on their dream for a college degree.

Students were busy on Martin University’s campus — learning which community partner they would be teamed up with for a paid internship.

Some Martin students — this semester almost didn’t happen because of the back fees they owed when the pandemic interrupted their educations last year…And then the university stepped in.

“It was definitely a lifesaver for me,” said Kinshasa Allender, Grad Student , Community Psychology.

Martin, like colleges and universities all across America, became eligible for supplemental student aid — thanks to federal COVID-19 assistance funds.

“We took over a half million dollars, put that to the side, and we reached out to those students who had balances on their accounts to let them know that they were getting a letter and a phone call how to clear those balances,” said John Girton Jr/Martin University VP Marketing & Communication.

Students like Kinshasa Allender…

“It was close to two thousand dollars…so that was a large amount that helped me a lot to be able continue my education,” said Allender.

About 200 students qualify for the fee forgiveness…And 55 of them have taken up the offer.

“But I can tell you that I’ve seen people walk away with numbers like four thousand dollars eliminated from their back due balances,” said VP Girton Jr.

It’s not federal student loan forgiveness. Instead — it is eliminating any fees owed to Martin.

Also eligible for fee forgiveness…Anybody who signs up for the Fall 2021 semester…Which begins October 8th…You’ve got a few more weeks to make that decision to come back to school — start with the books clean.

On the eastside, Russ McQuaid, Fox 59 News.