City of Stella community working to paint third mural

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STELLA, Mo. — One rural southwest Missouri town is bringing the community together to help show the history of their town.

With over 20 murals located all throughout Newton County, there are only two in Stella.

So, to help show the history of the town, the community is coming together to paint a third one.

“I just really like being able to have a part in helping the community out, and kind of helping their vision come to life and bring something they can be proud about to the community,” said Sandra Pemberton, Muralist.

While there might not be many who live in Stella, many know the history.

So to commemorate it, the mural is showcasing the old Cardwell hospital, the founder of Stella, Moses Eagle, and his granddaughter Stella who the town is named after.

“The community of Stella is just maybe 200, but it’s surrounded by a lot of people that call Stella their home. So, this history will speak to them, many of them remember parts of it,” said Steve Roark, Newton County Tourism Council President:

“To me that’s what it’s all about. It’s about the people that have lived here, that kind of built it up and contributed to Southwest Missouri,” said Pemberton.

Roark adds the mural does more than commemorate the town, but brings in the finishing touches.

“I’ve been to Stella all my life. My father before me had been down here all of his life. And, so, this is kind of a closure I guess on recognizing the history of this wonderful community,” said Roark.

The mural is expected to be finished by next week.

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