ANDERSON, Mo. — Kids in McDonald county skipped class today to walk in the park. It was all for the Anderson Elementary Halloween Costume Parade.

Hundreds of students walked from the school to “Dabbs Greer Town Hole Park,” where dozens of businesses decked out for Halloween were set up to greet them.

It’s an event the kids and business owners look forward to every year. Of course, there was plenty of candy and treats to go around.

“I got, like, a lot of candy like M&Ms and Twizzlers and stuff like that. I got a lot of Hershey’s Cookies and Creme stuff,” said Cash Betts, 3rd Grader.

“Most of us all know each other, all business owners. We’re part of the Anderson Betterment Club, the majority of us, and we just come together. It’s a safe place for the kids to come get candy. They know it’s safe to go through, and, for most of them, this is their Halloween, and then they’re done for the night,” said Sandra Ables, Anderson Dance Academy Co-Owner,

Roughly 600 kids came through the event.