CARTHAGE, Mo. — “Gourd” news! 3rd graders at Steadley Elementary participated in their “Big Pumpkin Lab” today.

They estimated the height and weight of pumpkins, the number of ribs each one had, as well as the number of seeds inside each one, before they got inside of them.

Then they found the answers by doing the work. They physically measured, weighed, and got inside and counted.

“I just think anytime that we can get kids excited and engaged then they automatically learn more because they remember it, and it makes that impact more in their minds. So I think that’s powerful when it comes to learning,” said Lisa Morris, Third Grade Teacher, Steadley Elementary.

“My favorite part about this pumpkin challenge was actually teamwork, a lot of teamwork, and that stuff,” said Savannah Andrews, Student, Steadley Elementary.

This has become an annual tradition for 3rd grade classes.

Teachers tell us it’s a fun way to get kids involved in math and science.