CARTHAGE, Mo. — Junior high students have been engaged in their annual “Penny Wars” for the past week.

Kids in different lunch periods have been competing against each other to see which group could bring in the most money, and that included the kind that also folds.

This money is going to the annual “Carthage Police Christmas Party”, which will help provide Christmas gifts to kids in need.

“It feels pretty good, ’cause you know the kids are like some less fortunate you know. So it feels good to give ’em something for the Christmas season,” said Briley Jadwin, 8th Grade Student.

“I think kids today are really focused on themselves right now, and the Carthage Police Christmas Party lets them witness the work that they put behind it to raise the funds with the Penny Wars, and then see it go into the good hands of the kids here in Carthage. And with the fact that it stays local, they get to see, and a lot, lot of times they might know some of the kids that are there at the police Christmas party,” said Tiffiny Stringer, CJHS Student Council Advisor.

No word on the total amount yet. They raised more than $800 last year.

The winning lunch period group will get some perks during the lunch hour on Friday, including the music of its choice, and hot chocolate.