MIAMI, Okla. – A convicted sex offender seeking a relationship with a teenage boy appeared in court on Thursday to have a protective order against him dismissed.

It is not the policy of KSN/KODE to identify juveniles or in this case the family of the juvenile.

The teen’s family sought a protective order against Kirk William Owen, 65, of Grove after Owen repeatedly contacted and left gifts for a then 11-year-old boy.

Special Judge Becky Baird issued a six-year protective order in January.

A disheveled Owen sought to have the protective order dismissed on Thursday saying there was no victim and the protective order sets a bad precedent because it allows parents “the sole purpose in choosing who the victim can be friends with or date,” according to court papers filed by Owen.

Baird said there was no legal background to support six years, so she modified the protective order to five years.

Owen continued to argue he wanted the protective order dropped. Since Owen’s attorney, Brendan McHugh, was not present in court, Baird ordered the hearing continued to Oct. 6.

According to a motion filed by Owen, a text message shows the sex offender said to the victim’s family he “would be a great role model” and the child “would benefit from his “experiences and wisdom.”

A sexually explicit note was also left for the child at the residence, requesting the child contact the telephone number listed on the note.

Owen said in the text he owns a $300,000 lake home, receives oil royalties and has a Porsche.


Owen was convicted on January 5, 1987, in Sedgwick County, Kansas and pled no contest in 2002 in Beaver County District Court in Beaver, Oklahoma to criminal cases involving the sexual abuse of young boys. A 2006 court order stated Owen had successfully completed probation but continues to be on an unsupervised basis.

He was deported from Costa Rica in 2013 for a gun violation.

Owen was wanted for questioning by the Crawford County, Kansas Sheriff’s Office for enticing kids with candy.

In July, Owen was seen – wearing only underwear and a shirt – driving a white convertible Corvette and had contacted several male juveniles at a park in Cherokee, Kansas.  He allegedly gave them large bags of candy in exchange for the children telling him their home addresses.