RIVERTON, Kans. — A Riverton man was sentenced to over eight years in prison as a result of “numerous cases” going back to 2018, the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office said.

Adam C. Evans, 37, pled guilty to an August 2018 burglary at a rural Cherokee County home where multiple guns were stolen.

Adam C. Evans

CCSO also pointed to a spring 2021 incident involving Evans barricading himself within a business as authorities attempted to arrest him on an outstanding warrant. He was found with methamphetamine after he was arrested.

Then in August of 2021, Evans fled into a wooded area and struck a K9 with a branch during an attempted arrest for more outstanding warrants. He was eventually arrested and has been in Cherokee County custody since this case.

The formal charges Evans pled to Thursday were:

  • Inflicting Harm to a Law Enforcement K9
  • Burglary
  • Possessing Methamphetamine
  • Interference with Law Enforcement

“This suspect caused a lot of issues for area residents for some time. I’m glad he is now scheduled to be transported to the Kansas Department of Corrections and am also glad to report the Law Enforcement K9 he attacked has recovered from the incident and has since done a great job of locating and removing dangerous drugs from our community,” said Cherokee County Sheriff David Groves.

The cases were prosecuted by the Cherokee County Attorney’s Office.