PITTSBURG, Kans. — A Pittsburg man was arrested early Wednesday morning after a domestic disturbance that led to him point guns at responding officers.

Corbin Gene Murray

Officers with the Pittsburg Police Department arrived at 1406 Bitner Terrace after a call for a domestic incident shortly after 3 AM. The caller reported a man damaged property and fired a gun in the backyard.

After encountering 39-year-old Corbin Gene Murray in the backyard, commands were given for him forfeit his rifle and shotgun. Despite ignoring these commands and aiming towards one officer, a second officer was able to approach from another angle and subdue Murray, handcuffing him and placing him under arrest.

Prior to PPD’s arrival, Murray apparently battered a woman inside while also causing damage to multiple items. Children were also present within.

Murray faces the following charges: Aggravated Endangering a Child, Domestic Battery, Interference with Law Enforcement, Misdemeanor Criminal Damage, and Possession of a Firearm while Under the Influence. Murray remains in Crawford County Jail without bond.