**Editor’s note: An typo erroneously indicated Tavis’ age to be 31 and not his real age of 21, as reported by JPD. This has been fixed.

MIAMI, Okla. — Ottawa County Sheriff David Dean said four Ottawa County jail escapees are in custody.

On Friday, Tyler Tavis, 21 and Daniel Zajicek, 31, both of Miami are in custody, Dean said.

Tavis was captured in Joplin and Zajicek was captured in Miami, Dean said.

“A female was arrested for harboring a fugitive,” Dean said referring to Zajicek’s capture.

The Miami Police Department received tips about Zajicek’s whereabouts and found him at a Miami residence, said Thomas Anderson, Miami Police Chief.

“The people at the house were reluctant to let us in,” Anderson said.

Zajicek was in bed and did not resist arrest, he said.

Undersheriff Rocky Ferdig said Joplin authorities called around 12:30 p.m. saying Tavis was in custody.

Joplin Police Department received information Tavis was in Joplin on Friday morning, according to a Joplin Police Department statement.   

Tavis was taken into custody without incident, the release states.  

Dean said contractors were leaving the jail through the sallyport when four inmates ran out of their pod into the sallyport on Tuesday. The sallyport was open for the contractors and the inmates ran past the contractors, he said.