McDONALD COUNTY, Mo. — Authorities in McDonald County reported on Thursday they caught two people involved with numerous tree thefts.

The sheriff’s office stated on Facebook that deputies arrested 42-year-old Megan Rios-Kaminiski, of Anderson and 33-year-old Gavin Lawson, also of Anderson.

“Walnut trees are in high demand,” said Michael Hall, McDonald County Lt. “We have had this problem for years.”

A walnut tree between 35 to 50 feet can bring in up to $3,000, he said.

Hall said the investigation is ongoing and couldn’t say how many the couple are accused of stealing.

Rios-Kaminski and Lawson are accused of using a chainsaw to cut down the trees and then dragging the trees up to an area where they were loaded onto a trailer, he said.

Allegedly, Rios-Kaminiski and Lawson are connected to thefts that took place on a farm outside of Noel where walnut and oak trees were stolen. The property owner first noticed the missing trees, and then notified law enforcement. Officers caught the duo in the act.

Both remain in custody on charges of Felony Stealing with a bond set at $2,500.