WHEATON, Mo. — It’s Golden Lion Award time – meaning we’re introducing you to another outstanding local high school student, one who freely gives his time to help folks throughout his hometown.

He’s a very busy bulldog, starting with the student council.

“So earlier this year, we actually had a chili cook-off where we all made our own chili. It was pretty fun, and we would sell it. And then we would donate some of it to Power in the Pink and other organizations like that,” said Truman Thompson, Wheaton Student.

In other words, cooking to help breast cancer patients.

There’s also the Future Farmers of America.

“I’m involved in FFA and a lot of community service. Recently we actually gave out food, handing it out to people in need just to the church about a block away. We also cleaned the ditches out in our adopted highway,” said Thompson.

Even his time in the Future Business Leaders of America.

He and other volunteers regularly work the school concession stand for money to donate, along with other fundraisers.

“So what we did is we actually had a quilt so pink quilt and we would raffle it off for $1 ticket. And every proceeds we didn’t make any money off of it. It just worked straight to the Power of the Pink. And I thought that was great,” said Thompson

He also pitches in with special events like a fundraiser car wash with his baseball team.

Truman says it all helps others – but points out that the volunteer also benefits.

“It is worth every minute. Every second of your time, you will have so much fun and you create bonds with the people that are with you,” said Thompson.

WHS Administrative Aid Dale Forgey says Truman is one of a kind.

“He has done so much. He has grown so much in the last few years. And we’re so proud of him, we really are. We’re proud of all our students but he has stepped up tremendously,” said Dale Forgey, WHS Admin. Aid.

Graduation is barely two months away for Truman – and his path after that is clear.

“Missouri Southern State University and I will be studying for my bachelor’s and secondary business education,” said Thompson.