CARL JUNCTION, Mo. — Volunteerism is front and center as we kick off a series of profiles, highlighting the outstanding high school students who give back on campus and to the community as a whole.

“It is a little stressful but I keep like reminding myself that it’s like almost over and I gotta appreciate what I’ve got right now,” said Trinity Sheward, CJHS Senior.

Trinity Sheward is counting down the weeks until graduation, and this Carl Junction High School senior has a very busy schedule.

“I did tennis and I jumped into Student Council and FBLA and I got into service learning,” said Sheward.

Bright Futures is a regular stop for volunteering, and helping other students in need.

“We go in about an hour on Fridays. And we go and we get bags out and then we just pack it we have like canned food and then like the type of fruit or vegetable. And then we have like granola bars. oatmeal. We have a bunch of stuff that we put in there for them to try,” said Sheward.

Trinity has had several more opportunities to get involved through a volunteering-oriented class, with projects like Team Bulldogs.

“We go in as our service learning class, we decide what we’re going to do. Maybe it’s we’re gonna go play like this game. And then we’re gonna get Oreos and cheese it as a snack choice,” said Sheward.

She also tutors, both younger students as well as others in high schools.

“I’m on honestly it’s just up to whichever the kid is studying for or is struggling most in high school. We don’t have like an assigned buddy that we’re tutoring they just kind of walk in and we try to assist them as best as we can,” said Sheward.

it all makes her a familiar face around school, someone who make an impact on others.

“Very active in school organizations such as FBLA and student council. She has a stong desire to contribute to the community and that will serve her well,” said Kristy Jones, CJHS Post Sec. Advisor.

“She’s not the one out front that everybody sees their face and does all that a lot of times. Very detailed oriented, takes care of about anything I need,” said Rhonda Wimmer, CJHS Bus. Teacher.

Big changes lie ahead, and trinity is ready to take that next step.

“I want to go to MSSU through the Honors Program, and I’m going to graduate with a bachelor’s in criminal justice and then I’m going to graduate with a minor in pre law. And then once I graduate with those and I’m going to transfer over to University of Arkansas and I’m going to graduate with my law degree,” said Wimmer.