RIVERTON, Kans. — There’s a new Golden Lion Award winner — this time in Riverton.

“I like to help people and when they’re happy, I’m happy,” said Mikayla Berry, RHS Senior.

Which is a lot of the time for Riverton Senior Mikayla Berry. For her, volunteering starts in class.

“I do mentor a student, but we haven’t been able to get together as often because for schedules but I’m able to help her with homework and everything else like I am. She is also disabled so I’m able to help minister to her gift.”

As someone with muscular dystrophy, Mikayla has a special connection. But she’s involved in much, much more than that, like pitching in with younger students on Dr. Suess Day.

“We go down to our elementary and read read books to them to paint cat’s whiskers and noses on the kids,” added Mikayla.

She also helps with a project to feed fellow students.

“Juices, ramen packets, like things that kids can make at home for themselves.”

At Christmas, she’s a bell ringer for the Salvation Army. And on Veteran’s Day – Mikayla is front and center on campus.

“I was able to speak at the Veterans Day, breakfast and our program for them. And I was the emcee and also wake up early in the morning to make breakfast for all of them,” she said.

School counselor Brand Hunt says Mikayla is a good choice for the Golden Lion Award.

“She is so approachable and willing to step in and help anybody who needs help. Uh, I’ve watched her through the years mature and push through any obstacle she has,” said Hunt.

High school graduation will take Mikayla across the state line.

“Going to go to Southern and study to be an English teacher,” added Mikayla.