CARL JUNCTION, Mo. — There’s a new winner for the Golden Lion Award this month, and the countdown is on — just days left until high school graduation with a paper chain marking the time left.

“I’m taking a lot of dual credit classes – trying to get a head start in college,” said Maddox Studdard, CJHS Senior.

Maddox has had a busy few years at CJHS, but when he’s not busy in the classroom, Maddox is helping out in other schools and around the community.

That includes the humane society – pitching in with the chores needed to take care of all those dogs and cats in need of some attention and a good home. Also in 2019 when he helped out after the Carl Junction tornado.

Back on campus, he spent dozens of hours helping out with A Plus tutoring.

“I was with third graders for about 50 to 60 hours over the summer helping them,” said Maddox Studdard, CJHS Senior.

The goal there was to help students tackle a subject they could use a little more time with.

“And so there was a lot of the basic like science the kids have learned English and arts and crafts,” said Studdard.

Maddox is also in the Future Business Leaders of America – which means he’s spent countless hours helping out in local businesses.

“So what I really love doing so far was proud that Frank Fletcher over my last internship, thanks thankfully to through caps set with the salespeople and try and jobs shadow them,” said Studdard.

Teresa Boyer says Maddox makes a big difference on campus at Carl Junction High School.

“Maddox isn’t the one out front. He’s back, helping others get the job done. So he’s not out front, but helping everyone out,” said Teresa Boyer, CJHS.

Maddox is almost done with high school – but it won’t be long before he’s officially a Lion.

“When I graduate from here I’m going to enroll in the fall semester at MSSU. And I’m going to try and pursue a finance emphasis degree in business,” said Studdard.