JOPLIN, Mo. — We have another Golden Lion Award winner, this from the state of Oklahoma, a Quapaw Wildcat.

“From 8 a.m. to 12. I have three college classes from those times,” said Macey Brewster, Quapaw Student

Senior year is winding down for Macey Brewster, but she’s already splitting her time between high school and college.

“So I go to campus, and then I come back to eat lunch with my friends. And then I don’t have a fifth hour and then I have sixth hour with Miss Price with A&P,” she added.

She’s also spending plenty of that limited time on campus helping others, with projects like a Christmas Toy Drive.

“And we wrapped presents for the underprivileged kids. They did like Shop-With-A-Cop,” Macey said.

It’s not just the Christmas tree that’s getting attention – but also helping out with food for the holiday meal.

“Just tables with packaged food, canned food, and then we had like an assembly line. And we’d pass the boxes around the tables and we each had like cans of green beans like you put four in the box and then pass it to your other person.”

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Macey also doubles up volunteering with Christmas meals through her own church. She also helps to organize the school blood drive.

“To save a life, you know. I had to go around classes the day of and be like, come on, you gotta save a life,” she said.

And don’t forget saving the planet.

“Last year, I was the recycle girl. I would go around the classrooms and pick up the recycling from the classrooms. And then our STUCO sponsor would take it to the recycling place. We do paper, plastic bottles and cans,” Macey said.

Quapaw Teacher Vicki Hosfelt says there’s no question Macey makes a difference on campus.

Macey is just days away from graduation, and enrolling at Missouri Southern.

“I’m going to be majoring in biology in the pre-dental program,” Macey said. “I had horrible teeth and I saw how much change that was and how happy I was. I just want to make people happy.”