SARCOXIE, Mo. —There’s a new Golden Lion Award winner, tonight — from Sarcoxie Highschool.

“The National Honor Society President, and then I’m also in charge of the yearbook. I’m also included in Student Council, Math League, and History Bowl, and then also Talent Search,” said Brooke Sommer, SHS Senior.

Making Brooke Sommer a very busy teenager.

And that includes pitching in to help fellow students prepare for the future.

“We did a dress for success, and it’s just a clothing drive. And so we got the ability to put boxes in both of our schools and we put fliers around our community to bring in like if they had blazers or anything like really professional for students like that,” said Sommer.

Building a free professional clothing closet for Sarcoxie students getting ready for interviews or a new job.

Brooke also helps with campus blood drives.

“We had one this year, and it went very good. Like, surprisingly like we doubled what we were supposed to do,” said Sommer.

Also helping out with the Special Olympics, including fundraising and more.

“I went on bowling trips and help them like just got to see them and cheer them on and I was just so excited just see them win or have fun with their friends,” said Sommer.

But her favorite effort was a fundraiser benefitting the Christian Alliance for Orphans.

“And so we found these scrunchies, they became super popular at this time. We were like, ‘Well, why don’t we make it’? And then we have a big thing in our town, and it’s called Chief Sarcoxie Days. So we made a booth and we sold all of them and gave all the profits to CAFO,” said Sommer.

Hundreds of dollars.

Just one more reason Sarcoxie counselor April Ellis says Brooke is a good pick to be the next Golden Lion award winner.

“Brooke is special. She has the mindset of seeing a need, finding a need, and filling that need. She has a true heart of service and a real sense of community. She has been a huge influence on our school,” said April Ellis, Sarcoxie Counselor.

Graduation is less than two months away, leading Brooke to new classes on a new campus.

“I’m going to Missouri Southern to get a business degree to be an entrepreneur,” said Sommer.