WEBB CITY, Mo. — The Golden Lion Award is adding another student to the list – this time, a Webb City Cardinal.

“Well, I’m in Student Council, NHS. You know LINK crew,” said Kyah Sanborn, WCHS Senior.

Just a few of the activities that are making senior year a busy one for Kyah Sanborn.

“We do a lot of Homecoming stuff and we also have a lot of personal projects, that’s I catch myself doing personal projects a lot. I do Cardinal clips,” said Sanborn.

Which is a way to let everyone on campus — know everything that’s going on — on campus.

When she’s not making those videos, Kyah is often helping others.

She’s a ‘blood buddy’ for the twice-a-year school blood drive.

“So when someone’s giving one like no one wants them to be sitting by themselves in case they’re not feeling good or they’re like they pass out or something. So we just kind of say talk with them and walk them back to your class and just keep an eye on them,” said Sanborn.

She helps out with canned food drives.

This year she spearheaded a special Christmas project to buy presents for fellow students in need.

“We wanted to just make someone’s day by giving them a good Christmas gift that they couldn’t do themselves or their parents can provide for them. And we just went in the shop for them for Christmas,” said Sanborn.

Kyah also helps incoming freshmen get ready for a new campus and the whole high school experience,

“I like making people just feel like homey and welcoming them and I like to show off the people or school or what they do and kind of keep everyone involved,” said Sanborn.

“She created the project to help students in need,” said Krista Peake, WCHS Teacher.

Kyah is planning to go to Missouri Southern next fall and wants to train for a career in health care.

“So my mom was a nurse I’d like to follow her post,” said Sanborn.