Destination Kansas — Little Jerusalem

Destination Kansas

KANSAS — Kansas is known for its prairies, but now we’re connecting you to a new wonder of the prairie.

Take a step back in time…imagine a vast sea…waves crashing, water as far as the eye can see.

Now fast forward nearly eighty-five million years.

There may not be an ocean, but what’s left behind has been drawing the eyes of people from across the region.

Adrian Price, Tourist, said, “My sister came to visit from Austin and we said, you need to come and see Little Jerusalem.”

Little Jerusalem is Kansas’ newest state park, this is its first Summer to be open to the public.

Some say it got its name because it resembles the ancient walled city of Jerusalem.

Hike through those walls to scenic viewpoints, where you can examine fossil formations of ancient flying reptiles and learn about the wildlife and vegetation that lives here.

Just take a look over my shoulder. Isn’t it beautiful? But make sure when you come, you bring your hiking gear, a jug of water, and of course a camera to catch all the precious moments and breathtaking views.

It has two trails…One stretching a quarter-mile long for those that are just wanting to get a taste of the park and another winding nearly a mile and half along the rim of canyons for those wanting to get the full experience.

Matt Bain, Western Kansas Conservation Program Manager, said, “It’s kinda a combination of, of the really, kinda the scenic beauty but also the natural history, and then the human history too that makes it unique.”

Explore the trails and dive deep into the Badlands as Clay Columns Tower over the prairie some reaching over one hundred feet tall.

And make sure before you leave, you carve your name on the park’s limestone marker.

“We think that if folks have a chance to see a place like this, they’ll be really inspired to conserve what’s left of our native prairie.”

The experience will cost you the regular state park daily vehicle fee — that’s just $5 at the park office, if you don’t have an annual parking pass.

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