Destination Kansas — DOC

Destination Kansas

KANSAS — It’s a summer unlike any other… No seriously it is.

With many tourist sites shut down because of the pandemic — what is there to do on vacation?

That’s where we step in.

For the next twelve weeks — KSN will bring you Destination Kansas where we show you fun and open things to do in Kansas.

Our first stop — Wichita.

Did you know you can take a flight on a pristine piece of history?

From wing tip to wing tip, DOC measures at 141 feet, 20 feet longer than the Wright Brothers first flight and 2 feet longer than a modern Boeing 737 — this is a big plane .

Larry Anderson, Retired Air Force, said, “It is the first time I have ever seen it. It is pretty interesting to see an old airplane this big.”

DOC is a national treasure,

Josh Wells, Executive Director/General Manager, Doc’s Friends, Inc., said, “DOC is one of only two flying B-29 Super Fortresses in the world that remain in flying condition.”

And its Wichita’s to keep.

“If you want to talk about aviation you have to talk about Wichita,” said Anderson.

DOC flew important missions, birthed from Boeing and the demand to building a Superfortress that could go the extra distance and drop bombs on the enemy.

Alright, you are an individual person and you want to get in there and see DOC, if you drop ten dollars that will get you inside the hangar to see the beautiful, shiny DOC B-29 Superfortress, but hey lets just add five dollars to that.

Let’s just make it $15, that will get you cockpit access and a special tour from one of DOC’s heroes.

But listen to this, lets just take things to an entirely new level, let’s take it to the sky, drop anywhere from $600 and $1500 and that will almost make you the pilot of DOC.

“We want people to come and get up close and personal and touch the airplane and learn about the history. It is about a 30 minute ride. We let you walk around the airplane in the compartments that you are in and then we get back on the ground and we spend about 30 minutes or so letting you crawl through the airplane, through the tunnel through the tube and those types of things,” said Wells.

A must-see experience from the cockpit, and one in the hangar.

You can fly back in history and over Wichita starting Father’s Day weekend.

“It really is an opportunity for people to experience what those young men did during World War Two and you get to sit in those seats of our nation’s heroes and think about the sights and the sounds and the smells and really take it in.”

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