CARTHAGE, Ks. — Runners were up bright and early to make a difference in Southwest Missouri.

This morning kicked off the fourth annual Tower 2 Tower run.

Every year the Carthage Water and Electric Plant uses the event to kick off Drinking Water Week by having runners race from the south water tower to the tower on main street and back.

Drinking Water Week focuses on the importance of safe drinking water and its role in daily life.

Funds from today’s run will be going towards the non-profit Water for People to help with the development of high quality drinking water and sanitation services.

“This is a great turnout this year, we’ve got a lot of local runs going on last week and in the next few weeks, so we got a good turnout this morning, we’re excited. It means a lot, it shows people care and are interested in seeing a difference in the world and not just in the community, but it’s the community coming together to make that happen,” says Meagan Milliken, Carthage Water and Electric Plant.

“You have to keep coming back if you’re able to at all. If you look at the runners out there you’ll notice that they’re all in pretty good shape and they do it by consistency, exercising and being with the crowd, just a wonderful friendship that we have,” Dave McCoy, 4-Time Participant.

Milliken says the run helps raise over one thousand dollars a year for the non-profit.

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