CARTHAGE, Mo. — It’s art, with a twist, in Carthage.

An exhibit is now on display by some junior high art students called Parody Art.

They recently took copies of original works, and then made some purposeful changes that included four or five different things that, together, established a theme.

The students did research for a couple of days and finished their creations in about a week’s time.

“So, the first thing is it introduces them to a famous artwork. We pick 6 different ones, familiarize them with some things from art history. And then second, get them to be more creative, think about different solutions. How can I change this so it looks really good. So, problem solving, as well, as research,” said Fred Mintert, Carthage Junior High Art Teacher.

Fred Mintert’s art students will be drawing scrolls Wednesday, and next week, they’ll go on drawing field trips.