CARTHAGE, Mo. — Public art in Carthage is getting a boost, thanks to some productive teenagers.

“I love all the murals that we have around this downtown area. People enjoy coming to town and strolling around and looking at what there is right here on the square,” said Ceri Otero, Downtown Business owner.

Downtown Carthage business owner Ceri Otero is excited to see a new mural coming soon.

“I think that anytime we can add art, especially from local artists, it makes a real connection,” said Otero.

In this case, aspiring artists, members of an art club at Carthage High School who want to help beautify the town.

“They are creating a mural that will go on the outside of the old Chevrolet dealership building that’s off the square,” said Cheryl Church, CHS Art Teacher.

Teacher Cheryl Church points out the image focuses on Carthage and a slogan that dates back more than a century.

“Carthage used to be known as Queen City, the Southwest back in back in the late 1800s early 1900s It was a very profitable place to live,” said Church.

It showcases Missouri’s state tree, the dogwood, and state bird, the Eastern bluebird.

But for Church, a less tangible benefit is how students are creating the mural.

“Working together in a collaborative piece. A lot of times you have to change your style just to match with the other person or the previous with the past person who had done. So you could definitely tell when one person has a lead and another one does lead because they’re two different kinds. So they’ve been really working hard to replicate what each other are doing,” said Church.

This mural is just the latest in a series of murals on the building at Sixth and Grant.

The first went up in 2016, this year will mark the fourth mural at the site.