CARTHAGE, Mo. — Jasper County bargain hunters will get the chance at buying property on the cheap later this month, and now the county has a new way to get the word out.

Workers will post signs at properties listed for this year’s tax sale. It means they’re behind on taxes.

Owners still have time to pay off the debt — otherwise, they’ll go to the highest bidder. The County Collector says the new signs will alert both the owner and potential buyers to a property on the list.

“Not all counties do it – but others have been. And it’s a very, it’s a proven method to help with the notification process. Matter of fact, we’ve had people this morning already come in to pay their taxes based on the posting that was on their property this morning,” said Steve McIntosh, Jasper Co. Collector.

The tax sale will be held at 10 a.m. Monday, August 22nd at the Jasper County Courthouse in Carthage.

There are currently 300 properties on the sale list. You can check that list out by following this link here.