CARTHAGE, Mo. — The Boots Court Motel has a long and storied history in Carthage. But at one point, it had fallen into disrepair and was at risk of demolition. Its path hit a turning point last week when the first overnight guests checked in to the new and improved facility.

“We’re in the back building at the Boots Court in Carthage, Missouri,” said Danny Lambeth, Boots Court Foundation.

Which has taken a big step forward. It’s back in business hosting overnight guests.

“I think last Friday night, we had four out of the five rooms filled up,” said Lambeth.

A unique motel experience that harkens back to the 1930s and 40s, according to Danny Lambeth with the Boots Court Foundation.

“You know the headboards were custom made via a local company and they are time period. They had to be new because we needed safety and some things like that but everything is pretty time period. There’s a built-in task-all that’s original, all the bathroom fixtures were here. So, we’re doing our best to keep it as close to possible as the way it was in when it was started,” he added.

There’s no TV, but there is WIFI. Lambeth says it’s more about the location, on Route-66 in historic Carthage.

“You’re about two blocks or three blocks from the Courthouse Square, where you see the historical Courthouse. You can go on a walk and see the historical homes tour. A lot of cool things to see, Central Park Marlins Park, and statue, go to the 66 Drive-in,” Lambeth said.

Opening five rooms is just the start. The main building is still under renovation.

“There’s eight rooms in the front building and that front building was built in around ’39. And it required pretty massive overhaul as you’ve seen. We start on the wood flooring, and then there’s some glass work being done towards the office area.”

It’s a far cry from an aging motor hotel, at one time sold at a foreclosure auction.

“This was going to be a landmark iconic hotel that was going to be dosed and probably shoved to the side or shoved into a hole and something else was going to be bought there and the group that decided to organize and push this thing forward was probably really encouraged by the number of 66 people that are really excited about it. You know, we’re optimistic that within the next six weeks or so, we’re expecting maybe all 13 rooms to be available to rent,” said Lambeth.