CARTHAGE, Mo. — Many gathered in Central Park in Carthage Friday for food trucks, vendors, and music. Friday was the last Food Truck Friday for 2022.

This event has been held every second of each month since April. It’s not just about food, there is also live music at the event.

“For a lot of these entrepreneurs, they put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into their businesses. And so this is a great opportunity to bring their businesses out here, highlight their business to the community. We’re here from 11 a.m. till nine o’clock p.m. so you know they’re hitting the lunch traffic, somebody who just wants maybe a snack, for those that are coming out for dinner,” said Katie Fields, Carthage Tourism Director.

The City of Carthage took over this month, making Food Truck Friday a city event. It will return next year.

Also in Carthage, students in the FFA program spent time with school children at the Carthage Fairgrounds. All part of a “Food For America” event.

More than 30 FFA members hosted close to 400 third graders and focused on one objective –connect the kids to agriculture so they know where their food comes from. There were various stations featuring all kinds of animals and farm equipment.

“So what surprised me the most is how entertained and how surprised they are to be able to really see and be able to pet all of these animals because a lot of them have never seen these livestock before and they’re very thrilled to be able to get the experience to see them and pet them and everything, ” said Jayden Schench, President of Carthage FFA “

“Kind of fun to have my classmates here to my pigs to them because they’ve never been on a farm before. My pigs are they were born last week,” said Trapper McCoy.

Less than 2% of the population are farmers — and many students are not exposed to agriculture on a daily basis.