CARTHAGE, Mo. — Students and staff members at Carthage High School plan to pay homage to Dr. Sam Rogers this Friday.

Students came up with the idea to have a “Blue Out” at the football game tomorrow.

They made shirts in honor of their late principal Dr. Sam Rogers, who passed away over the weekend from cancer.

In less than 24 hours, the students sold 800 shirts, showcasing one of Dr. Rogers’s famous sayings.

“The prase on the shirts “Hug your Loved Ones”, Dr. Rogers was really good at writing. And for a lot of his cancer journey, he had a blog, and he always would sign off hug your loved ones. That’s the way he would sign off to emails, his blog post, anything he out out on the internet. And you know, I think we all look at that phrase a little bit differently now. I think it holds a little bit more meaning,” said Kelsey Stenger, P.E. Teacher, Student Counsel Administrator.

This isn’t the only way the school is honoring Dr. Rogers.

On October 8th, the high school will host Battle at the Courts which will include battleball, cornhole, food trucks and a silent auction.

Dr. Rogers had the idea for the event.