CARTHAGE, Mo. — The Carthage Crisis Center has a new program to help residents.

They are rolling out their Comprehensive Plan.

So far officials have only worked with one resident, but they have seen plenty of success.

“Knowing there are broken things in people’s lives, we need to address those broken things, why they’re broken, and get them fixed,” said Greg Coolidge, Carthage Crisis Center Assistant Director.

The Carthage Crisis Center’s Comprehensive Plan is focusing on each resident’s passion to help them find their calling.

“They come with skills they have worked in throughout their life. Some are very skilled and so forth, they just haven’t ever had the time to focus on it and be encouraged in it,” said Coolidge, “to make it practical for what we do here is when we have a particular need or hole that needs to be filled, I have my eye and my ears tuned in towards what person may be a good fit for the area.”

Harvell Hunter was the first person that was a good fit. He was addicted to meth for ten years and found the center in March after volunteering at Crosslines.

“I never expected to be a kitchen manager. It was a program he said they were working on and its been a blessing for me because it’s given me a sense of, I’m loved, I’m needed, I’m used, not for myself but to be able to help someone else,” said Hunter, “It’s showing me that I can do things on my own being integrated back into society, learning to be productive again.”

Hunter prepares and cooks all the meals for residents, and to-go meals for others in the community.

“It makes me feel good when you can cook something and you listen, and you don’t hear anything but people eating,” said Hunter.

The transitional home is hoping to give more residents bigger responsibilities.

Officials hope to have some of the residents eventually move up to managing the thrift store or recycling materials.