JOPLIN, Mo. — People were gathering in McClelland this Sunday afternoon to take part in a tradition for motorcyclists.

The Joplin Bondslaves Motorcylce Club held its first annual bike blessing.

Members of the club got together with each of the attendees and their motorcycles to offer a blessing before they returned to the road.

“We believe it’s very important to have a spiritual blessing over your bikes, before you start out the year riding, just for safety and protection. It’s what we do as bondslaves, if anybody needs prayer or guidance or counseling in the Christian world, we are here to help them through any aspect of life,” Michael Beauregard, Joplin Bondslaves Motorcycle Club President, “It was amazing to see the turnout we had, it was very uplifting to see the community come out and have the willingness to be here and have their bikes blessed.”

While the bondslaves have only existed in Joplin for three years, it is one of the oldest christian motorcycle clubs in the country.

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