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My life started in Joplin, Missouri where I born in 1986. I would grow into my childhood years as an only child, and remain that way (which I’m okay with), as I was a little on the spoiled side during my youth, but very much loved by mom, dad, step-mom and, of course, my grandmother who helped to raise me while mom worked to provide everything that she could for me. The same goes for my dad and stepmom, who also gave their all so that I could have a wonderful childhood. For those reasons, my family is my rock.

Growing up a few miles away from the television station of KSNF-TV, I lived in the school district of Carl Junction, where I attended school from kindergarten until the day I graduated (which happened to fall on my 18th birthday). I valued my many friendships at Carl, and developed a love for student government and journalism. I was voted Student Council President my senior year, and loved one class more than any other throughout high school: Video Productions.

My interest, and later, my passion for television broadcasting and all things “news,” is what landed me an internship at KODE-TV when I was just 15-years-old; learning all I could about news production and what my future career would be like. The day I turned 16, I was offered my first job at KODE, still working in the news production department (except I was now getting paid for my work).

As high school graduation approached, I knew I wanted to remain at the tv station. So after high school, I attended Pittsburg State University, driving back-and-forth every day to my classes, and then to work. In 2010, I graduated from PSU with a degree in Communications (and an emphasis in broadcast journalism). I also graduated with a minor in Political Science, as I’m fascinated with government as well as history.

Today, I’m employed at the television station I began my first job with, and can’t picture myself working in any other field. Although my job title has changed many times over the years, my love for the line of work remains constant and drives me to excel at the challenges my position brings.

In February of 2022, I became Digital News Reporter for Fourstateshomepage.com, including the social media platforms of Facebook and YouTube. My goal each day is to bring tv news viewers and internet news readers to the stories I exclusively write and post on Fourstateshomepage.com. To reach that goal, I do my best to make those stories with my name in the “by line,” connect with the reader.

As for life away from work: I’m the proud dad of two adorable, fluffy, four legged kids (yes, my cats are my children). Adopting “Tigger” and “Lil’ Bub” brought such joy into my home. I also have a love for flying; so, in my spare time, I break out Flight Simulator on the computer, and “jump into the cockpit” of a Boeing 737! Speaking of computers, my dad bought me my first one during the late 90’s, and since then, I’ve grown into quite the tech savvy individual. I love anything that has to do with computer technology, as well as learning something new each day about the world we live in.

If there’s ever a story idea you would like to send my way, feel free to e-mail me: dlattimer@nexstar.tv, or contact me at the tv station by calling my direct line: (417) 625-0273. I’m also happy to answer any questions you may have about the stories I publish to fourstateshomepage.com!

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